Just like every business is only as good as its people, Barrick Group owes its success to its largely-inspired and earnestly-dedicated team. 

Comprising of industry experts, committed professionals, and a compassionate and future-driven management, our team proudly represents a veritable balance of knowledge and understanding. This ethos forms the foundation of our Group’s framework of growth, performance and corporate vision – Honesty at the heart of business.

Collectively, our team stands for over 50 years of experience within the F&B, logistics, economics, engineering, investment, realty and retail sectors. This cumulative proficiency remains the cornerstone of our ability to provide quality products and even better services for our clients. For this reason, we invest considerable resources in recognising exceptional talent and expertise, nurturing their skills further, and cultivating an environment that fosters their growth as leaders.

Nevertheless, managing today’s workforce is not only about professional growth but also about giving individuals a personal sense of achievement and a place of fulfillment – factors that we at Barrick Group take very seriously. We wish and strive to become the reference for a healthy, happy and engaging place for people of all nationalities and cultures. A family that welcomes the world and values diversity in ideas, vision and life.

  • "Barrick Group’s logistical expertise truly goes a long way – their planning and distribution network has enhanced our brand’s presence and contributed to our business growth remarkably."

    Mr.Roland Lee, General ManagerNgo Chew Hong Edible Oil Pte Ltd., Singapore


Key relationships that have helped foster mutual success