A natural, healthy but delicious dessert alternative is what you’re looking for. We understand that – and have a solution.

We are committed to healthy lifestyles complimented by delicious food. This is why each individual sorbet is not only low in calories, but has a smooth, luscious flavour. Nestled in natural fruit shells, these fruit sorbets contain no preservatives or colorants.

Natural fruit juices combined with well-travelled recipes result in the unforgettable taste sensation of Island Way Sorbets.

Yes, this is an experience that will make you forget even your favourite ice cream or gelato. It’s a frozen treat that’s just as tasty as it looks, and even healthier than you can imagine!

Each individual fruit sorbet has a smooth, luscious flavour that is both refreshing and calorie conscious! Nestled in natural fruit shells, these sorbets, available as both dairy and non-dairy, contain no added preservatives or colorants, maintaining our commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


Using raw fruits and vegetables, Wild Orange serves a menu full of refreshing moments, on the move. From freshly pressed orange, apple, watermelon and other fruit juices to unique freshly remixed beverages and fruit smoothies. But above all, Wild Orange is renowned for its range of unique sorbet desserts, which are served in natural fruit shells, and arrive in a multitude of tantalising flavours like Chocolate Coconut, Caribbean Pina Colada, Zesty Pomegranate and many more!


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    Rahul Dinkar Jadhav, General Manager Allanasons


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