To pave our path forward, we need a concrete roadmap. Our vision and mission statements function as this
roadmap and our guide to reaching the long-term destination.


Our vision is to be recognised as the benchmark of value creation for our partners, while remaining true to our principles and inspiring through sincere human endeavour.


Barrick Group aims to develop a portfolio of products and services that is rooted in excellence of quality and an unflinching approach. We seek to instill and share a culture of responsibility, honesty, optimism and pride.

These statements not only serve us as beacons in our everyday pursuits but also as our manifest for creating and fostering a culture of happiness, progress and pride. It helps create a unified sense of purpose and a thorough understanding of each individual’s priorities in relation to the Group’s calling.

  • "Rather than take a myopic view and focus on short-term skimming strategies, Barrick Group’s approach has always been visionary and driven towards implementing lasting relationships with suppliers and creating enduring brands that are mutually beneficial."

    Daniel YoHai, Export SalesJBS Canada 


Key relationships that have helped foster mutual success.