The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a distinctive market, with its own unique culture, traditions and sensitivities that must always be taken into consideration while establishing business ties. We believe that to serve better, we must first understand our target audiences better – from the intricate behaviour to the social nuances – and there’s no better way to gain this intimate understanding than through market proximity. Atheer Al Ajwaan was founded in 2013, as a branched-out extension of Barrick General Trading within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Atheer Al Ajwaan capitalises on the inherent strengths and resources of Barrick Group, as well as, our decade-long experience within the GCC region. As a general trading enterprise participating in both, food and non-food related product portfolio, we are profoundly focused on developing a bespoke portfolio for the kingdom that takes customary tastes and intrinsic pre-requisites into account. A business architecture structured around the Group’s core pillars of honesty, respect and benefit for the greater good.

We have a dedicated, qualified sales team that works closely with the headquarters in Dubai and caters to our network of clients across the vast country of Saudi Arabia, thereby remaining committed to the same standards of excellence and truthful value associated with our group across all subsidiary companies.

  • "Achieving results means focusing on generating opportunities; a business adage that Barrick Group has consistently proven through their impeccable knowledge and service. They have truly made a tremendous impact on our business development efforts – imagine introducing an altogether new brand from Norway within a complex market like Africa, setting up an extremely healthy pipeline of supply and support marketing, and turning the brand into a category leader, all within an exceptional lead time."

    Wiggo Pettersen, DirectorHermann Export, Norway


Key relationships that have helped foster mutual success