A comprehensive procurement solution provider, Ajwaan Strategic Consulting aims to build on the Group’s proven experience within the food and consumable industry in the Middle East and Africa.

Equipped with a dedicated team of professionals, analysts and economists, we at Ajwaan Strategic Consulting deliver lean, targeted solutions to support strategic sourcing and procurement initiatives for small to medium scale organizations. Thus enabling you to maximize and sustain business margins, across a myriad range of geographies and resources.

Benefiting from our fifteen years of rich experience in a spectrum of sectors,  we pride ourselves on offering bespoke packages for individual businesses – covering services such as market analysis, project planning and forecasting, purchasing expertise, logistics, staff recruitment and retention policies, brand development, marketing support, day-to-day monitoring and review, and restructuring business processes to keep pace with the evolving market.

Moreover this wealth of experience, especially in the food and consumables sector, has helped us earn a longstanding relationship with major shipping lines and considerable negotiation clout, which immediately translates into the foundation of an efficient supply chain for your business.

Today, one of the major challenges of the procurement process is fraudulent practice, particularly the pressures of underhand dealings applied by purchase managers. As a keen ethics practitioner and your key partner, you can be rest assured that your business will not face the same challenges and can expect nothing less than truthful and professional conduct in management of people, processes and costs.

So, whether you are looking for a complete procurement solution specifically catering to food and consumables, or diverse products, Ajwaan Strategic Consulting works alongside your business to transform your purchasing power and deliver benchmark productivity to help you achieve your business objectives.


  • "It is not only their operational excellence, but also their visionary approach that has impressed us over the years of dealing with Barrick Group. Rather than being just box-shifters, they have employed their vast local experience and strategic insights to introduce as well as nurture our brands to help them become category leaders within different markets. I have high regard for Suliyman and his team and consider them way above their peers in terms of service and knowledge."

    Marcelo Bastos, Export ManagerBunge Limited, Latin America 


Key relationships that have helped foster mutual success